NDW at University of Nairobi

NDW at University of Nairobi

Part 4: ArchiDATUM

By NDW Team on 6th November 2015

Through objective investigation, analysis, critic and report of architectural design in Africa, ArchiDATUM creates awareness of the happenings across the region. With the mission to inform the public about Sustainable African architecture, ArchiDATUM seeks to partner with stakeholders in the building industry and to highlight innovative designs.
 “We aim at creating awareness about Architecture in Africa and informing
the world about Architecture in its context and contribution to its society”

That architecture is an important part of the everyday lives of people is a central idea at ArchiDATUM, and by supporting innovative and interesting architecture the goal is to bring positive influence on people’s lives. Their work seeks to inspire bright minds to innovate and build on this continent, and by that improve society. By raising the profile of a community through architecture it may lead to further investment in the area and a better place for people to live.
“A building tells a tale about a people and can affect their way of life.
Together, we can positively impact the way of life of our people”

Although the organisation is founded in Kenya they work all over Africa and see it as one continent rather than a set of countries with borders.
 “We envision a continent without boundaries. One where
ignorance does not hinder beautiful living spaces”


During NDW2015 ArchiDATUM will hold a workshop where they introduce you to Architecture in Africa.

For more information about ArchiDATUM visit their website www.archidatum.com.

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