Movie premiere: Designers Inbetween

Movie premiere: Designers Inbetween

Designers Inbetween at Pawa254

By NDW Team on 8th November 2015

Designers Inbetween , a Hong Kong based group of filmmakers have done a tremendous job in shooting a movie documentary highlighting Hong Kong’s state of Design. This is an opportunity for Kenyan film makers  to think about how to portray the country’s story of how it is a growing design hub on the continent. It will also spark inspirational conversations among local Kenyan designers on how to give the world an insight into Kenya’s growing design scene.

” The film takes you through the the journey of how Design thinking approaches have solved most of the existing problems and have made Hong Kong a transformed Design District.

Built on trade and recognised today as one of the world’s leading financial centres, Hong Kong has always nurtured the independent business owner and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit. In their guerilla-style documentary, Jonathan Ramalho and Oliver Lehtonen set out to meet and interview as many locally-based designers as they could, to create a storyline about what drives these pioneers to put their livelihoods on the line, chase their dreams and realise their potential. The result is a compelling portrait of a truly unique international community brimming with creativity and fuelled by an infectious positivity.


Watch Designers Inbetween Trailer  here

The premiere will take place at Pawa254 on Thursday the 19th, November 2015 from 6pm, powered by Docubox

Look forward to an exciting evening powered by design!

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