Kilimani Market

Kilimani Market

A ‘Carnival Affair’ on the streets of Kilimani

By NDW Team on 9th November 2015

FAFA partners with Nairobi Design Week, Organic Farmers Market, Kilimani Project Foundation, Lornah Kiplagat and Nairobi City County to bring a unique market to the streets of Kilimani, Nairobi. The market will take place on Rose Avenue between Lenana Road and Denis Pritt Rd with parking at St George’s Primary on Denis Pritt Rd.

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It will be a carnival affair, filled with great food, music, art and fashion!



FAFA Neighborhood market, 10th October, 2015 at Juniper Kitchen


To start the day, legendary LornahSports is organising a #Kili5km run to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to explore the neighborhood.


lornah sports.jpeg

Lornah Sportswear by Lornah Kiplagat


All day market shopping will follow, including the Organic Farmer’s Market as well as outstanding design products from Kenya’s finest, with prices fit for everyone’s pocket. Lunchtime to evening will be a mix of food from around the globe as well as Kenya.


putali display during FAFA Neighborhood market, 10th October, 2015 at Juniper Kitchen


Alleon display during FAFA Neighborhood market, 10th October, 2015 at Juniper Kitchen


Our community is diverse, so we would like to encourage people to try something new. A variety of young artists and DJ’s will keep everyone entertained throughout, Kwani Trust will also organise a Spoken Word session, so if you want to be discovered start preparing now!


The challenge will be how to leave when you are having so much fun!


Kilimani Project Foundation Chairperson Irungu Houghton signing up a new Kilimani member during the #IAmKilimani membership drive at Prestige Plaza on Saturday 31st October, 2015


Kilimani is located in the southern part of Westlands constituency. It stretches from Upperhill in the south to bordering Kawangware and Lavington in the north, and from Kileleshwa in the East to Ngong Road in the West. Many children from Kibera and Kawangware school in Kilimani, and many workers come from these adjoining neighborhoods.


Name the nationality, and we will find someone in Kilimani.

With a population of 43,000, it is a bustling neighborhood filled with creative energy. At the centre of Savannah Valley it hosts all Kenyan communities as well as Nigerians, Ghanaians, Sudanese, South Sudanese, Somalis, Ethiopians, Chinese, Japanese, other African nationalities, Europeans, Americans, and Latinos. This diversity is its strength and creates a community, which is hungry for innovation.

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Vendor Submissions: (Deadline; Tuesday 10th November, 2015)

5km Run:

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