Digital Blacksmiths Crowdfunding Campaign Raises over $26,000

Working towards sustainable 3D printed products

Digital Blacksmiths‘ crowdfunding campaign, which we wrote about back in March, has succeeded . They’ve raised over $26,000 to create 100 3D printed microscopes and further their research into the possibilities of 3D printing for improving STEM education in Kenya and beyond. They plan to test these with the schools that will be involved in the microscope trial.

They believe that if the trial is successful, it will stimulate interest within the education sector which will justify scaling up local production of educational tools such as microscopes and other interactive learning aids. In addition to improving educational attainment, they envisage other longer term benefits, such as a reduction in plastic waste through upcycling and reuse, new job opportunities in the production of these educational tools and wider 3d printing applications in other fields.

Recycled Plastic + Recycled E-Waste = Microscopes and what else?

The microscopes are being printed on a bot farm, which Digital Blacksmiths are setting up at the University of Nairobi maker space. They will be printing on AB3D printers, which made an appearance at NDW2018.

The founder of AB3D, Roy Ombatti will be speaking at today’s e-waste conference at PAWA254. We’ll be providing highlights throughout the day on our Instagram stories and sharing the most insightful moments in a post later in the week.

Congratulations to the whole team on their achievement. If you’d like to get in touch about schools, products or all things Digital Blacksmiths, email them at: selam.zeru@techfortrade.org

If you’d like us to attend your event, contribute or be featuredplease contact us and we’ll be excited to share your story.

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