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A quick guide to setup your Directory account

Start listing today through the following steps

Step 1:

  • On the website homepage (if you don’t have an account already), On the menu, click on the Directory Sign up tab to start the process of membership.

Step 2:

  • On the Sign up page, click on the sign in button. A dialog box will then be opened and you will be required to fill in your details.
  • After entering your details an email will be sent to you for confirmation.

Step 3:

  • After submitting the form with your details, you will be redirected to your profile page where you will have access to your account details and you will be able to add a listing/submitting to our directory.
  • Click on the (+ NEW) button at the top of the menu bar to submit your listing.

Step 4:

  • A directory listing form will be opened to start your submission process.

Note: You will be entitled to only one entry/listing and after submission your entry will be clarified and confirmed within in 24hrs.