Nairobi Design Week 2018 Exhibitions

Future of Design

The Future of Design exhibit at the Kenya Cultural Centre showcased Kenya’s potential in design, with those in the industry pushing boundaries and exploring new challenges. Precious Plastics and UN Habitat displayed the incredible work they create out of plastic waste, while Ocean Sole and Flip Flopi both have their own, unique ways of recycling flip flops. Digital Blacksmiths 3D print using recycled plastic, on recycled e-waste, Kenyan made 3D printers.

Better Shelter

By Better Shelter Organization

Better Shelter is designed to help the millions of people worldwide who have fled armed conflicts, persecution or natural disasters, who have often been through traumatic experiences, and who face an uncertain and extremely vulnerable future. The Better Shelter becomes their home away from home in temporary settlements, transitory sites and camps – a place where they can close the door and get a little privacy and calm.

The shelter resembles a house, with semi-hard, non-transparent walls. It has four windows and a high ceiling, enabling residents to stand upright inside. The door, lockable both from the inside and the outside, lets everyone – and women and children especially – feel safer when they are at home. A solar powered lamp provides light during the hours of darkness. The shelter allows residents a higher level of safety, security and dignity than a tent.