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If you’re a designer, you should have heard of IDEO, one of the best known design consultancies in the world. In 2011 they launched, a non profit organization that also practices human-centered design. are opening their first office outside of the United States, in Nairobi, so if you want to work with a professional, experienced team, this is your chance.

“In addition to actually making things to improve the lives of people living in poverty, we’re working to get the social sector at large to take a human-centered approach to problem solving too.

At, our goal is to improve lives through design. Which means that we are designing for impact, building partnerships with organizations that know how to bring innovative solutions to life, and continuing to evolve the products, services, and experiences we design even after they’re out in the world. Every solution starts small, and at the moment, many of ours are. But we’re eternal optimists, and we’re tracking our solutions as they continue on their steady trajectory of improved lives, stronger communities, and brighter futures.

Here are the design jobs available:

Business Designer’s Business Designers are a part of multi-disciplinary design teams, blending business strategy and creativity— helping our partners across the developing world bring new offerings and ventures to market. With frequent trips that take you to Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East, you’ll be part design researcher, part strategist, and part operational guru, working alongside other builders and thinkers from different backgrounds.

Business acumen is a given. Ability to execute is a must. Demonstrated passion for solving challenges facing the world’s most impoverished communities is absolutely critical.

Communications Designer Communications Designers work as a part of a multi­disciplinary team. You’ll be part graphic designer, systems thinker, and visual storyteller collaborating with other builders and thinkings across You’ll bring design excellence to projects ranging from crafting beautiful storytelling for partner solutions to building up and managing solution brand and design assets. Additional example responsibilities include: Development of rough to refined prototyping of messages, services, solutions in collaboration with team and partners; Ability to quickly refine prototypes both in context and remotely; and working collaboratively with non-designers and designers alike.

Design Lead

Design Leads lead multidisciplinary design teams to turn human insights into tangible products and services that improve the lives of low-income people. You may have started your career as an interaction, industrial or communications designer, but by now you’re fluent in the full design process—from research to strategy to implementation—and comfortable leading teams through it.

Craft is a given. Leadership experience is a must. Passion for fighting global poverty is absolutely critical.

Interaction Lead’s Interaction Designers work with multi-disciplinary teams to tackle complex, poverty-related challenges alongside other builders and thinkers from various backgrounds. You’ll gain inspiration and empathy for the low-income people we seek to serve by conducting field research in East Africa and beyond. You’ll transform behavioral insights into new products, services, and experiences that we’ll design, prototype, and test—then help our partners take these new solutions to market.

As an Interaction Designer, you’ll design and prototype websites, apps, and other digital experiences with human centered insights and needs at their core. You’ll be inspired by how technology can leapfrog limitations and pain points in today’s user experience, as well as imagine new uses for technology to address access, literacy, security, and other barriers. Ultimately, you’ll create innovative user experiences that will help low-income people move from distrust, disenfranchisement, and exclusion to become confident and empowered.

Nerding out over interaction design is a given. Getting passionate about solving challenges for the world’s most impoverished communities is a must.

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