Kenya Power App redesign by Dicky Hokie Jr

This is a guest post by Dicky Hokie Jr. His work has featured before on Nairobi Design Week with the Kenyan Shilling redesign and he is the co-founder of African Stock Photo.

With the push by businesses to go digital, companies have quickly turned their sights to mobile apps. Many, unfortunately, with little or no thought about their customersʼ need for one. Building an app has to be based on a need. Does your app help clients connect with, access and use your services? Does it improve communication? Service efficiency? Convenience maybe?

In very much the same way that a company requires a unique business proposition in order to be successful, your app needs to have a unique value proposition. In my opinion, designing an app must be an entirely customer-focused process, lead by the question – What does my client need/want and how can my app help to service this need?

What does my client need and how can my app help to service this need?

As a UI/UX design experiment I took this question and used the Kenya Power App as an example.

From personal experience and a few interviews, it was clear what the key functions of the app needed to be:

  • Easier communication with customer service
  • Hassle free billing and payments
  • A better way to report service interruptions

Having these insights made designing a useful, client-focused solution much simpler.

How can my app help to service this need?

1. Easier Communication – A two way messaging system that allows Kenya Power to send customer-specific alerts warning of scheduled interruptions, outstanding payments etc And allows the customer to raise complaints directly with the CS staff.

2. Billing and Payments – automated bills sent straight to customer inboxes and the ability to initiate direct mobile money payments to Kenya Power accounts straight from the app.

3. Reporting Service Interruptions – A simple 3-click reporting system that gives Kenya Power all the info they need and allows the customer to remotely report, receive a complaint ticket and track its progress eg. Team dispatched, Team on site, resolved etc.

The Redesign

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