Bénir Africa – Tim Gichuru

Bénir Africa – Tim Gichuru
“I started out with the name Bénir which means to bless because no matter what project i do, i’d like to dedicate it to the audience who are  challenged in one way or another.
To me, life doesn’t have a straight path, we’re kind of pushed to run through this hurdles and bumps to reach where we want to be.I always aim to bring stories to life through my work and kind of twist realism to the unimaginable.”
Bénir Africa – Tim Gichuru
1) Uber – Imagining how Uber would be 50 years to come. The cars would be driver-less and we would be comfortable to send our kids to the shop
2) The teenage Monk and The Roman Farmer.

The story behind it was a normal person represented by the teenage monk who goes through hardships but always has a solution towards those problems. The problems or hurdles are represented by the roman farmer on the right.

The art piece also shows that no matter how things are, the tough situations will eventually pass.

3) The tale of the assassins. Inspired by the game GTA. The muse is the amazing Sonia Pinto.
4) The African Queens. Just shows how badass the African woman is.
5) Flash. (African Version) Being black or African doesn’t limit anyone. every single person has greatness inside.
6) Nyashinski – Inspired by the movie Matrix.
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