Brush Tu Art Studio

Brush Tu Art studio is an artist collective currently comprising of 10 members and based in Nairobi’s Buruburu estate. Established in mid-2013, the main objective of coming together was to harness the artistic potential of the member artists and utilize their prowess to deliver collaborative works of art on expansive surface areas and non-conventional media.

The portfolio of works by the group includes commissioned art pieces for theatre backdrops, interior and outdoor deco for homesteads and business places around the country. Other notable projects initiated by the collective include international and local artist in residency programs and workshops facilitated by seasoned Kenyan artists.

Brush Tu art studio aims to be a major contributor in the elevation of the profile of Kenyan art by providing working space to both local and international artists and establishing a destination for artist in residence programs in the region and in the process providing much needed opportunities to visual artists of all levels.

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379, Ol Leleshwa Road. Nairobi
Afrikan, Local Artists, Studio
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