Lava Latte

Lava Latte is a small coffee shop tucked away in a serene corner on Statehouse Road, Lava Latte is the ideal neighbourhood café. Relaxed, artsy, quietly confident service matches the coffee offering as well as tasty food.

“We really wanted to create a unique space with an artistic vibe that many people would feel comfortable hanging out. The chill ambiance from the design and music was very deliberate.”

Our founders, Kagure Wamunyu and Abba Kidenda, decided to combine their love for coffee and beautiful spaces to create a rustic and cosy coffee shop that is the perfect place for both relaxing with friends and eating delicious food or working all day whilst enjoying their delicious beverages. This idea was inspired by a trip they went on in 2016 to Senegal where they fell in love with a boutique coffee shop in Dakar.


Lava Latte has a cosy colourful interior with beautiful artworks displayed on their walls all of which were either created by or depicting strong women. All the artworks were sourced from local artists.



The Lava Latte is the heartbeat of all Lava Latte Coffees. Smooth and creamy, it combines the subtle strength of espresso with freshly steamed milk. Visit us and try out our coffee collection.



Lava Latte has a simple menu with key signature items that include paninis, chapati melts and chicken wings. Our fresh pastries including cupcakes and croissants are delivered daily from local bakeries.

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