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Leti Arts

Leti Arts is an interactive media studio that creates mobile games and comics that present stories of historic African heroes in the 21st century with compelling graphics. Their flagship project, Africa’s Legends is based on characters from our history and folklore from all over the continent coming together to form an elite superhero squad. These heroes fight against social ills and injustices such as corruption, disease epidemics, child, drug and sex trafficking etc. They believe that interactive content is the better long term bet to preserve our heritage.

Leti Arts recently launched AfroComix, a comic reader app which allows users to read comics in app for a fee. Users will also have access to tons of wallpapers and short animations.

The goal is for Afrocomix to become the one stop shop for all Afrocentric content. We came up with this innovative idea to also solve the issue of fragmentation among African creatives and also create an avenue for us all to generate money. The analytic features of this app will help content providers know the how their audience receives their work and how best they can use it to their advantage.

Do you have comics, wallpapers or short animations? You don’t have to be only insta-famous. Leti Arts are currently sourcing for content from all over the continent and would love to have some of your content on our platform. Shoot us an email via to submit content or make enquiry.

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