Nadia Wamunyu

“I strongly believe that was born an artist.

My name is Nadia Wamunyu, a well-establish contemporary visual artist based at Kobo Trust.

The universe neglected my hearing but gave me sight and mind to work with. My art is an expression of myself. At the tender age of eight I realised I could record my memories, experiences, tastes and feelings through drawing.

Now, people understand my perspective, how I think, my vision and desires much more effectively.

I use charcoal on paper, acrylic on canvas, ink, bleach, coffee, oil paints, pastels and chalks to create my artwork.

I have displayed artwork at Lamu Fort, British Council, Polka Dot Art Gallery, ShitfEye Gallery, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in South Australia, Absa Art Gallery in South Africa, US Embassy, Nairobi Museum and many more.”

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Kobo Trust
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