The way materials behave under different conditions has always interested me, especially because a similar pattern seems to form for them all. I have explored materials & process spanning metal, wood, soil, canvas, print, photography, sound, light, writing and human anatomy.

I am a versatile visual artist, currently exploring human psychology, supported in my technical understanding by a Civil Engineering degree. My passion is mental health awareness advocacy, using art as a channel of expression, and a way to connect with people: through one-on-one meetings with people; exhibitions; workshops; panel discussions; social media, and other platforms. I aspire to help more people heal internally by using art as therapy. 

Recent performances have included Cradle Arts Festival 2019 and the launch of Nairobi Design Week 2020, supported with vocals by Bakhita.

Naitiemu the artist looking anguished, wrapped like a mummy in white net, on white background

NaitiemuWoman tightly wrapped like a mummy in white netting, on white background

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Art Direction, Material Art, Naitiemu Nyanjom, Performance Art
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