Yvonne Kaleche is an Abstract Expressionist Artist employing abstract art style to explore the questions of identity, re-birth, love and the future, pieced together using a tilt shift beat technique, gradually free forming colored patterns.

The concept of the artists’ work is evolved through an imaginative, unconventional creative process. Kaleche chooses the colors, fabrics and textures and designs for all products for interior design to ensure usability and eventual extension into companion fabrics.

We deliver highly original display of patterns and color. Artworks and designs are taken on a creative journey driven by injecting bold and innovative designs into the 21st Century designs.

The brand created by Kaleche inspired by her love for art and the comfort of home. All products are crafted to bring effortless style and warmth. The brand features functional art in, kitchen ware, tabletop, and living accents as well as wall décor products.

All Savannah studios products are made from uniquely sourced materials.

We create timeless pieces that are inspired by our vision as well as taking into account our client’s needs. All paintings are original one of a kind pieces. Our unique point is that none of the pieces can be duplicated, giving each household that unique element of having a Savannah Studios brand product, but a one-of-a-kind piece.

Contact to make your orders for your own unique pieces.

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