Artist’s Statement:

As I continue my journey to find truthfulness, I move through different terrain, an ever-changing climate around me, and an array of mediums. I look for greener pastures in hopes to replenish and feed my soul. I head toward a point even when I see no familiarity. I experience a place where strange and ficticious passions trump logic, a world that is constantly moving around me. As I paint I move through surfaces, textures, colors, and a vast array of unconscious senses. As a result an unconscious knowledge reveals itself even though I’m not seeking it. I do not carry with me a specific agenda. I take my culture, life experiences and my ever changing environment in hopes I address what is present and relevant. Like a herdsmen learning the ways of the wild through stories and experiences, I experience each day as a new task. The blend of colors may suggest the different destinations and seasons –is there a soul color? Love, beauty, poetic idioms help me arrive to my suggestive ideas.Step back; thereis a panorama of thoughts, ideas, love, and journeys. If you look closely you can hear what I have to say -get closer to what I’m saying. I am just a messenger travelling through uncharted terrain. I find what I find. Deal with what it is.

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Kuona Artists Collective, Painting, Sheepgoat
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