On the evening of Saturday 7th December 2019, Ngene Mwaura (Sheepgoat) was hit by a car in Nairobi and fatally injured. It came as a shock to the entire community and ourselves. Our condolences and heartfelt wishes go out to Ngene’s family and the many friends he left behind. He will be sorely missed.




Artist’s Statement:

As I continue my journey to find truthfulness, I move through different terrain, an ever-changing climate around me, and an array of mediums. I look for greener pastures in hopes to replenish and feed my soul. I head toward a point even when I see no familiarity. I experience a place where strange and ficticious passions trump logic, a world that is constantly moving around me. As I paint I move through surfaces, textures, colors, and a vast array of unconscious senses. As a result an unconscious knowledge reveals itself even though I’m not seeking it. I do not carry with me a specific agenda. I take my culture, life experiences and my ever changing environment in hopes I address what is present and relevant. Like a herdsmen learning the ways of the wild through stories and experiences, I experience each day as a new task. The blend of colors may suggest the different destinations and seasons –is there a soul color? Love, beauty, poetic idioms help me arrive to my suggestive ideas.Step back; thereis a panorama of thoughts, ideas, love, and journeys. If you look closely you can hear what I have to say -get closer to what I’m saying. I am just a messenger travelling through uncharted terrain. I find what I find. Deal with what it is.

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Kuona Artists Collective, Painting, Sheepgoat
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