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Unity Makers

Founded in 2014, Unity Makers is a bespoke furniture company in Nairobi that designs and produces contemporary furniture. Their mission is to become the leading furniture design and production house in Kenya and the region, identified for their contemporary minimalist design but with stunning detail and response to function while delivering first class customer care. They produce from locally sourced raw material, designed by young and talented designers and handcrafted by experienced technicians.

At Unity Makers they believe in sustainable timber harvesting with minimal waste during production. They are looking to venture into pieces using locally abundant materials but which are new and unconventional to the local furniture industry to create pieces that speak both to art and function. Additionally, they shall be deploying joinery techniques not yet seen on the Kenyan market while reaching out to the emerging market of young professionals with high quality but affordable collection of staple pieces.

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Unity Makers LLP P.O. Box 21864-00505 Nairobi, Kenya
Decor, Furniture, Handcrafted
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