Victorious Craft Group

Victorious Craft Group (VCG) was formed in 2006 by three young men who were looking for a solution to the problem of youth unemployment in the Kibera slum.

In order to attempt address the issues of environmental pollution, the group saw an opportunity to use recycled materials like wood, brass and waste bones sourced from butcheries and slaughter houses, to make products such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, bowls, salad spoons and others.

These items are made by Kibera community members who are trained, free of charge, on how to make and assemble the products from recycled materials. A diverse and inclusive workforce consists of young men and women from Kibera villages. Victorious Craft Group builds awareness of the importance of responsible waste management and addresses the issues of environmental sustainability.

When you choose Victorious it means that you support the change.

Victorious Craft Group appeared at Nairobi Design Week 2016, presenting everything from their clay bead work to bones and brass, along with other artisans from Kibera, including Milliona Arts.

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Kibera (Olympic), Nairobi, Kenya
Artisans, Fashion, homeware, Jewellery, Kibera
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