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Masungula-Mo Krafts Foundation: Supporting Women’s Empowerment via design


The Masungula-Mo Krafts Foundation aims to reinforce a resilient community for economic empowerment and social enhancement among vulnerable families in Kibera slums through offering charitable vocational training and entrepreneurial skills.

This is a guest post by Masungula-Mo Krafts Foundation.

The Masungula-Mo Krafts Foundation was born out of love for women’s economic empowerment and the spirit of volunteerism. Both Monica and Janet are the founders of the two separate social enterprises: Masungula Krafts and Mondred Fashion School respectively.

They have both been involved in women’s economic empowerment through fashion and design. Monica is a seasoned tailor of over three decades and has been running her fashion and design school. Janet founded Masungula Krafts over two years ago training women on a voluntary basis and enabling them to access markets.

We have so far partnered with organizations like Turning Point TrustAction Foundation Kenya and other organizations working with families living in Kibera slums.

These organizations assist us in identifying women and youth with a passion for arts and design for whom this programme will bring life-changing impact. They refer them to our programme and work with us to ensure everyone gets the most out of the programme.

1. Become a VOLUNTEER and offer your life-transforming skills related to design, arts & crafts or just entrepreneurship.

2. Become an INTERN and gain experience as you work on various interesting assignments.

3. Gift  a SEWING MACHINE  (either new/used)  to the trainees to enable them to start their own business after completion of the program.

4. Make a DONATION towards sponsoring the women’s tuition fees (KES 3K per month) for the 6-months program or just contribute any amount towards supporting this transformative, life-changing work

5. Become our PARTNER and plug-in on on-going related tasks.

If you’d like us to share a guest post, job, funding opportunity or other interesting story with our community of creatives and designers, please contact us!

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