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Mathare Workshop in Partnership with KnownAfrique and SlumFighters

The Mathare Workshop was a distinct starting point for social change conducted by KnownAfrique  and SlumFighters International. KnownAfrique is a Law Social Enterprise with a vision of making the law known by solving social problems through legal solutions. Furthermore, KnownAfrique sets out to promote easy access to the law by linking Law, Technology and Design.Uniquely, SlumFighters develop, implement and transmit methods to transform informal settlements. Moreover, SlumFighters, in conjunction with all stakeholders work collectively, so that citizens obtain a sustainable and humane life. The two advanced the spread of knowledge and understanding in order to fight social injustices, corruption and poverty. As a flagship project, both KnownAfrique and SlumFighters will support the Mathare community to set the agenda for upcoming changes.

Undugu Community School

They will start by focusing on the unfolding case of the Undugu School (formerly Mathare Polytechnic). In collaboration with community organizer Gibson Maina and Undugu principal Mary Moi, they will make plans with and for the community. Activities include to conduct research, share expertise, hold meetings for progress update and human centered design workshops. Some of the approaches include empowering the Mathare Community by assistance in effective utilization of the school grounds, and the sustainable use of the Mathare Undugu Community School. Besides that, they look forward to engaging the County Municipality in combined bottom-up and up-bottom development.

As a result, both organizations will demonstrate the way they empower communities legally, spatially and socio-economically. Furthermore, based on the human centered design process, KnownAfrique will design legal content and avail a Lawkit tailor made for Undugu School. All in all, the goal is to embracing the complexity of human and urban life, including all relevant aspects ranging from social and economic, to legal and spatial. Urban life needs an ample knowledgability of the law as a necessary skill set to alleviate infringement of socio-economical rights, the Mathare Workshop, was an example for projects that empower urban settlements dynamically.


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