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The Modern Shilling: A Design Concept

Dicky Hokie Jr redesigns the Kenyan Shilling for 2018

The same designer behind the viral Afro Stickers African emoji gave himself the challenge to redesign another cultural icon. Dicky Hokie Jr took it upon himself to give the Kenyan Shilling an upgrade, with a refresh that features nature over people and a total overhaul of the graphical style.

This is what the designer has to say about it:

“According’s 2010 constitution, legal currency can no longer bear portraits and images of individuals. The current notes in circulation still bear the portraits of former Presidents … that got me thinking: how would a modern Kenyan Shilling actually look? And perhaps more fundamentally, what do Kenyans consider ‘Kenyan’? Here are designs that I think answer both.”

We really like some of the elements used, such as the spears across the number zero and the watermark. Because it’s a concept, we’ll let it off for not going into more depth on the technical side, though we think these would look great in the style of the recently launched British £10 note. Those notes are plastic and feature a transparent section for security, which gives them a unique look and keeps tourists entertained.

We’d love to hear what you think about Dicky’s redesign and how you would redesign the current Kenyan Shilling.

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