Music with an Afrikan mindset by PHINOSHEY 🇰🇪 | Sun from Kibera album | AFRIKA DESIGN ep.7


‘Sun from Kibera’ is the debut album from Phinoshey, a self taught producer, writer, and rapper from Kenya. His musical inspiration pulls from hip-hop, soul, and jazz. 

We listen to the album with him and hear about the stories and relationships that influenced it. We’re also joined by his friend and collaborator Brian Amimo who helped to arrange the album.

Topics covered include:

  • Production stories; Entire album recorded in his home studio.

  • Brian on music “You can’t live without music”. “Make classical music cool again”

  • Classical and hip-hop value.

  • Control what you can. Life is how you see it.

  • Stories from Kibera. Rapping in English etc.

  • Afrikan mindset.

  • Sampling African music for ‘Twisti’.

" I hope to inspire and educate people through my music"

Self taught producer, writer, and rapper Phinoshey Elber Meso also known as Phinoshey is a Kenyan native. As a teen he was heavily influenced by Nas and that influence is what gave him the push to start making his own music during his high school years.

A lot of his musical inspiration is pulled from hip-hop, soul, and jazz artists. He released a lot of his early music on Soundcloud and youtube as many artists before him have.

In Kenya the musical demographic is very different so it an untapped market with little to less artist’s in that niche.He is actively looking to work with and collaborate with other international artists around the world.

Besides, Phinoshey skills is also as a poet and has written a poem for the UN based in Kenya(which is the fourth Headquarter across the world) during World Refugees Day giving him a platform to showcase his art.

He has collaborated with acts like WILLX BOY, Boeyy Lee, •LuNo Da ViNci•, Katapilla, Big Niqo, Black Nation, J Zero and was the only artist featured on SIRAWA’S EP ‘The Genesis’.

Phinoshey has also been featured on some Online magazines and sites like theyouthingmagazine, hip-hop heads and TooTrillx which gave him a platform.

As he progresses in his musical career he puts his full potential into each and every track with hopes to one day successfully live his dream as a hip-hop/soul artist.

Fun Fact: Phinoshey is behind the production of the Labelled Human song!


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