NAIROBI DESIGN WEEK 2020 MOVIE NIGHT: Shorts, Premieres and Full Features.

Nairobi Design Week 2020 Movie Night: On Wednesday 11th March, at MGM Studios, we hosted an open workshop in partnership with ASMO Kenya for storytellers to improve their craft through design thinking.

This was followed by the Movie Night, with a strong selection of local content, extended on Friday 13th with a guest international film.

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  • Pump up the Basss (Music Video): Bakhita
  • SpaceShot (Animation Premiere): Ian Abraham, Mersacury Studios
  • Dream Child (Full Feature): Victor Gatonye & Zamaradi Productions
  • Heart Strings (Animation Trailer): Martian FX
  • Doomsday Beckons Change (Short Doc): Amyn Khan & Samuel Oluoko
  • The New Bauhaus (Documentary): Petter Ringbom, Erin Wright, Alysa Nahmias & Opendox (Guest Feature)


Ian Abraham, Mersacury Studios

Doomsday Beckons Change

Amyn Khan & Samuel Oluoko

Pump up the Basss


Dream Child

Victor Gatonye & Zamaradi Productions​

The New Bauhaus

Ringbom, Wright, Nahmias & Opendox

Heart Strings

What's Next?

We’ll be sharing a full Case Study for Afrika Design:#PaintTheCourt, a song and music video for the #LabelledHuman campaign, as well as more highlights and creative outputs from Nairobi Design Week 2020 in the coming days and weeks.

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