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Thrift Social: Future Trends

Behind the scenes at one of Nairobi’s hippest creative gatherings

Thrift Social is a recurring event where contemporary Nairobians meet and share ideas through fashion, design and entrepreneurship. Founded by 2manysiblings,  their most recent gathering was based around the theme of Future Trends in Nairobi at the Alchemist Bar. Guests where invited to dress and impress through their interpretation of what they expect to see in fashion and design in the coming years and decades, creating a visual spectacle of colour and urban chic. Sustainable urban trends were embraced throughout, with visitors pushing the art of reusing and upcycling resources with often surprising results. We saw some truly unique looks, as well as exhibitors showing the best of what they had for the crowds, ranging from jewellery and leather bags to comic books and sculptures.

3D Printing in Fashion

We joined in the fun by promoting the potential of 3D printing in the ever evolving fashion industry. Though commercial applications for 3D printing have evaded the fashion industry until recently, each year brings about faster, more practical printers with an ever expanding selection of materials. We printed out glow in the dark earrings and multi-coloured key holders to demonstrate the possibilities, and invited the public to draw their own customized designs.

We can’t wait to see more practical and conceptual ideas for the use of 3D printing in Africa as it becomes more widespread. You can contact us to find out more about 3D printing and how it can bring your ideas to life.

Resource use

WEEE Centre are the leading accredited company in East and Central Africa specializing in the collection and recycling of electronic waste were present at the event. Focused on spreading awareness of the importance of proper methods of e-waste disposal, they set up a bin to collect visitors’ old batteries, laptops, phones and other electronic devices. We encourage our readers to dispose of their electronics correctly by contacting them and to set an example for those who aren’t aware of its importance. In addition, they presented alternatives for reusing e-waste in creative projects such as the crazy cool artworks we’ve seen by Kenyan Cyrus Kabiru.

Greenlight Planet were also on hand to provide some much needed lighting after sunset from their Sun King solar lights.

Thrift Social is about the appreciation of diversity in Kenyan society and the  collaborative conversations that are developing. Perhaps this will be reflected more than ever in urban trends, where sustainable design is a prerequisite that should be applied during the entire process.

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