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Nairobi Innovation Week 2017: Human Centered Design

Organised by Aurecon, the World Design Organisation and StAD and hidden up high in UoN Towers, the “By the River” design thinking workshops asked participants to go back to their childhood and remember the times spent there. The aim was to introduce newcomers to design thinking methodologies and give them an insight into how they might apply them. Beyond this, it raised awareness of the importance of rivers in an urban context and superimposed the insights over assumptions that many didn’t realise they had.

We were privileged to help in facilitating the seminar and were thrilled at the levels of engagement. Attendees of all ages got involved to kick off this conversation as part of Aurecon’s ‘Our African City’ dialogue, driving urban transformation through an African lens. We will be seeing a continuation of it at Nairobi Design Week 2017.

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