Placemaking Week highlights

Building our communities around places

Placemaking is a community centred approach that capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, and it results in the creation of quality public spaces that contributes to the overall health, happiness, and wellbeing of a people.

The annual Placemaking Week held on the 16th-19th was a smashing success filled with vibrant, exploding energy throughout the spell that was the 4 day event. We had the pleasure of being immersed in this  affair through our participation and partnership with Placemaking Week 2017. The event took off with an explosion of colour on Thursday 16th with share the road day, where Placemaking took over Banda Street with exhibitions from the large network of partners who in tandem contributed to the success of the annual event. The day proved to be productive with colour filled streets and an interactive energy flow between all who attended.

Share the road day: Banda Street

Following the launch, was a spirited Friday which began with street football and basketball on Banda Street and later in the day an Urban dialogue at PAWA 254 as the venue. With a panel discussion on Sustainable mobility and the quality of life in Nairobi from the network of partners in collaboration with Place making and an interactive and engaging audience, the evening turned out to be a surge of rich information on the city’s quality of life.

Street Football: Banda Street

Urban Dialogue: Pawa254

On Saturday we had the Kilimani street festival and concert, and a critical mass cycling through Nairobi. The critical mass aimed to reflect on the prolonged benefits that cycling could have for a city, as well as bring to attention the need to create spaces for cyclists and motorists already existing in the city as opposed to giving priority to the automobiles, which may result to fewer cars in the city.

Kilimani Street Festival and Concert: Rose Avenue

Critical mass cycling

As we broke off the 4 day event on Sunday 19th we did so intimately with a skating marathon at city hall which marked the end of the collaborative process which was Placemaking week.

Needless to say we continue to maximise on our partnerships to strive towards making better our city’s public spaces as we bring design to the centre as a resourceful tool in achieving the goal that is building communities around places.

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