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Nairobi Sets the Stage for 200 of Tillmans's Contemporary Art Works The work of Wolfgang Tillmans occupies a prominent position in the contemporary art world. Ever since his first exhibitions and publications in the early 1990s Tillmans’s artistic approaches have continually developed. He is constantly redefining photography both as an image and as a material [...]

Japanese man paints in Excel, Swahili Fashion Week highlights and more in our video roundup. The internet is an incredible resource for designers to learn and get inspired. We’re bringing you some of the most interesting videos we’ve found about design from around the world. This Japanese man uses Microsoft Excel to create beautiful paintings. […]

Opened in 2015, The Art Space has evolved from a commercial art gallery based in Kenya, into an online space with regular pop-ups in popular and sometimes unusual spaces around Nairobi. They regularly share the best art events taking place around Kenya with their community. They feature art for sale, from new and established artists […]

“Through the Eyes of a Woman” is about creativity and empowerment with the intention to show and highlight the woman’s perspective of the society. On Sunday 5th of November we attended the launch of the “Through The Eyes of a Woman” exhibition in Bega Kwa Bega, Baba Dogo, Nairobi. It is an initiative that encourages [...]

1 Honey From The Moon Studios Holds Art Class in Nairobi Honey From The Moon, a vibrant fashion retail company specializing in furniture, leather accessories and home décor, hosted an open, free for all art class. The modules were divided into four episodes covering different aspects of art and creativity from Mid-May to early June 2017. […]