The demand for low cost leg prosthesis is high in Kenya, yet a satisfactory system has been lacking up to now. Project Circleg closes this gap. By using recycled plastic waste and simple production methods the Circleg can be produced locally and cost-effectively. The modular design ensures excellent customisability and its functionality provides the user [...]
#CityShapers - a month-long social media campaign brings attention to the role of citizens in shaping our cities, where Nairobians take responsibility for managing their public spaces and shaping them. Bringing Nairobians together to transform their city Public Space Network (PSN) has launched #CityShapers - a month-long social media campaign bringing attention to the role [...]
Skeletal walls, scratch-and-sniff wallpaper and flat-pack refugee shelters... this exhibition explores the relationship between design and social needs. Read the full story here: | #BetterShelter #RefugeesPavilion #LDB18 @Better_Shelter @Refugees — Thomson Reuters Foundation News (@TRF_Stories) September 5, 2018 The Refugees' Pavilion, a project Nairobi Design Week has created with partners for the London [...]
This is the first part in a series describing our partners behind The Refugees' Pavilion, a project Nairobi Design Week created for the London Design Biennale 2018. Helping refugee women achieve economic success through entrepreneurship The RefuSHE story is one of an organisation that provides healing, education, and empowerment for young refugee women and their [...]
Are you a fashion brand in Nairobi, established within the past 4 years? This survey is tailored for you! Our alumna Rina Waligo is collecting data for her MBA Thesis, which she’s completing in Shenyang, China. Supporting our alumni as they progress their creative careers The purpose is to collect data about how startup fashion [...]
The ‘Re-Imagine Luthuli’ Collaborative Design Competition is an open call to imagine a more walkable and shared street on Luthuli Avenue in the heart of downtown Nairobi. Showcasing the benefits of co-designing streets as public spaces RE-IMAGINE LUTHULI DESIGN COMPETITION: Organised by the i-CMiiST project team led by Placemakers, Stockholm Environment Institute, and the University of York, [...]