Are you excited about design? Do you get frustrated with badly designed products? Have you wished you could fix poor user experiences? Do you dream of a career in design and innovation? The Nairobi Design Institute has created a program for a new generation of designers who want to address user experience challenges and big [...]
Working towards sustainable 3D printed products Digital Blacksmiths' crowdfunding campaign, which we wrote about back in March, has succeeded . They've raised over $26,000 to create 100 3D printed microscopes and further their research into the possibilities of 3D printing for improving STEM education in Kenya and beyond. They plan to test these with the schools [...]
Nikola Energy Forging Towards Sustainable Waste Management Waste management is a challenge for most developing countries. Growing economies and industries are prone to translate to increased waste production. E-waste is one of the many trivial wastes to manage. For one, they are caused by rapid technological advancements as each and every day comes a newer [...]
Afrika Design: Resource and Community Afrika Design brought together the industry and public for a day of discussions and discovery around the festival theme Resource & Community. A morning of speaker panels at the Kenya National Theater was followed by workshops in the sunny Kenya Cultural Centre courtyard. The event took place on Friday 23rd March 2018. [...]
Reclaiming Africa's Voice Through Technology The 360Afrika Forum is a partnership of creators, organizations, companies and industries that seeks to explore technological possibilities and apply this new knowledge for community impact. Together with Black Rhino VR, NboStoryLab, Code for Africa, Enter Africa, Fuse Catalyst, and ONA stories, we are supporting not only innovation, but Afrikan [...]

Organised by Aurecon, the World Design Organisation and StAD and hidden up high in UoN Towers, the “By the River” design thinking workshops asked participants to go back to their childhood and remember the times spent there. The aim was to introduce newcomers to design thinking methodologies and give them an insight into how they […]

The word Matatu derives its roots from the Kikuyu of Kenya, from the colloquial phrase ‘mang’otore matatú’ translating to three cents. In the early 1960’s, this was a flat fare charged to travelers using public transport. Matatus are widely known as the most common form of public transportation here in Kenya, on one hand. Playing […]

The Mathare Workshop was a distinct starting point for social change conducted by KnownAfrique  and SlumFighters International. KnownAfrique is a Law Social Enterprise with a vision of making the law known by solving social problems through legal solutions. Furthermore, KnownAfrique sets out to promote easy access to the law by linking Law, Technology and Design.Uniquely, SlumFighters develop, […]