THANK YOU FOR MAKING 2018 AN INCREDIBLE YEAR Thank you for your ongoing support, collaboration, partnership, and creativity in 2018. Our theme this year has been Resource & Community, and that's where so much of our focus has gone: towards building and being a better platform for creatives to thrive in East Africa. It's been [...]
MADE IN KENYA: Holiday Gift Guide There's so much great design coming out of Kenya these days that there's no way we could cover everything, but we wanted to inspire you for the holidays and give you some ideas before the new year. Whether for friends, family or yourself, we hope you find something here [...]
This is a guest post by Dicky Hokie Jr. His work has featured before on Nairobi Design Week with the Kenyan Shilling redesign and he is the co-founder of African Stock Photo. With the push by businesses to go digital, companies have quickly turned their sights to mobile apps. Many, unfortunately, with little or no thought [...]

If you’ve already had a question today for the world’s largest search engine, you may have noticed the doodle of the day, dedicated to Kenya’s Jamhuri Day celebrations. Most of Google’s doodles these days are interactive or at least animated. Though we appreciate the sentiment, we’re sure somebody in the Kenyan design community could have […]

CONNECT + CURATE + CREATEThis year we aim to connect, curate and share a more interactive and engaging experience, developed to embrace and communicate with the design industry. After 2 years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, [...]