IS NOW...   NAIROBI DESIGN WEEKLY!   Nairobi Design Muzes has been a month long prototype on how the community can come together to create amazing experiences for each other.We’ve laughed together, been shocked and amazed, and discovered new ways of thinking and collaborating. Thank you to every single person who has attended the [...]

THIRD ‘I’ BLIND’ “The main theme will be ‘Self-awareness’, and how being aware of self is being aware of each other, and together forming the collective consciousness that is the Universe, the Great Divine, that which brings the immaterial into being.” It is based off a poem from the Afro-Rennaissance book titled ‘Third ‘I’ Blind’. […]

Lofi ART x MUSIC Sogallo exhibits his intricate, hand drawn art & K.Lure will take you on a journey through the history of beat culture, crate digging through Lofi sonic origins. From J. Dilla and Nujabes to Hazel, Sango, Abjo, picking it back up to House Origins. Sogallo is a self taught artist, illustrator, conceptual […]

  Creating a new type of Nightlife experience, Muze Club and Nairobi Design Week are collaborating on ‘Nairobi Design Muzes’, an event which brings together artists, musicians and designers, and shines an ultraviolet spotlight on Kenyan creatives. The first event takes place on August 1st 2019, at Muze Club, Mpaka Rd, Westlands, Nairobi. Visual artist […]

MDQ works with Circa69 to create space experience Muthoni Drummer Queen recently launched her new album SHE, which featured an album cover with body painting by Micheal Soi. MDQ is following up the album with Africa's first virtual reality music video, created with UK multimedia artist and electronic producer, Circa69. The body painting for the [...]
Kenyan and international talent blows Nairobians away at Africa Nouveau This past weekend saw the third edition of Africa Nouveau festival take place at Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi. The 2 day event brought together creatives from music, art, fashion and film and other industries. Organised by Blankets and Wine under this year's theme of #afrobubblegum, the [...]

Night Dancers is an annual event, celebrating indie artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, performers, social entrepreneurs and creative individuals who enrich, grow and challenge Kenyan culture to new levels. Produced by lifestyle media platform ‘Vibe Tribe’, Night Dancers is the annual culmination of the Vibe Tribe Event Series – A fusion of music, film, fashion & […]