The demand for low cost leg prosthesis is high in Kenya, yet a satisfactory system has been lacking up to now. Project Circleg closes this gap. By using recycled plastic waste and simple production methods the Circleg can be produced locally and cost-effectively. The modular design ensures excellent customisability and its functionality provides the user [...]
What Design Can Do in Nairobi to Provide Clean Energy to All Nairobi's Food Problem WHAT DESIGN CAN DO, Nairobi- Fossil fuels are the biggest cause of climate change and are still our primary source of energy. Cities consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy and contribute to more than 70% of global CO2 emissions. [...]

Artisans of Kibera Part 1: Baraka, Tyre Sandal Artisan 14th November 2015 This page was updated on 20th May 2018 to link to our new YouTube channel. Artisans of Kibera is NDW’s first video series. Through it we explore the wealth of design talent creating products and setting up businesses in Kenya’s largest informal settlement.  […]