SPACE10 presents “Designing Today’s Sustainable Spaces” at Nairobi Garage   Today, we are facing complex challenges in terms of how and where we live. As it stands, around 1.1 billion people around the world are living with little to no access to reliable energy. In a little over a decade, another 1.6 billion people […]

Implementing Creative Methods to Improve Inclusive Sustainable Transport (I-CMiiST) Typically, half of East African cities urban residents walk to work (60% Kampala daily commute trips are on foot) yet infrastructure provision for non-motorised transport remains mainly aspirational. Inclusion of vulnerable communities in the development of streetscape infrastructure to support their journeys is rare; but considering their livelihood and social [...]
Kenyan and international creatives uncover design's impact on Culture and Heritage at Nairobi Design Week 2019   The fourth Nairobi Design Week will take place on 17th-23rd March 2019, under the theme Culture & Heritage. NDW19 invites visitors to discover how our heritage has influenced the world we live in today, and how design impacts [...]
Three Funds for the three stages of growth   Grow your creative business with HEVA grants Do you own a creative business that works with music, film, fashion or gaming? Apply to one of HEVA’s three funds dedicated to East Africa’s creative industries Click on the images to find out more. CULTURAL HERITAGE SEED FUND [...]
Global Pioneers start-up programme, supporting sustainable business ideas   Global Pioneers is a worldwide programme for young start-ups and founders whose business ideas offer solutions in the fields of sustainability, waste management, waste disposal or recycling. The project is supported by ALBA, one of the biggest waste management and recycling companies.  It disposes of all [...]
What Design Can Do in Nairobi to Provide Clean Energy to All Nairobi's Food Problem WHAT DESIGN CAN DO, Nairobi- Fossil fuels are the biggest cause of climate change and are still our primary source of energy. Cities consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy and contribute to more than 70% of global CO2 emissions. [...]
Working towards sustainable 3D printed products Digital Blacksmiths' crowdfunding campaign, which we wrote about back in March, has succeeded . They've raised over $26,000 to create 100 3D printed microscopes and further their research into the possibilities of 3D printing for improving STEM education in Kenya and beyond. They plan to test these with the schools [...]
Nikola Energy Forging Towards Sustainable Waste Management Waste management is a challenge for most developing countries. Growing economies and industries are prone to translate to increased waste production. E-waste is one of the many trivial wastes to manage. For one, they are caused by rapid technological advancements as each and every day comes a newer [...]
Flipflopi crowdfunding campaign launches At least 8 million tonnes of plastic is said to find its way to the ocean every year and 50% of it is used to make disposable products. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans, this calls for a Plastic Revolution. That Plastic Revolution is here [...]

Artisans of Kibera Part 3: Victorious Bone Craft 17th November 2015 Artisans of Kibera is NDW’s first video series. Through it we explore the wealth of design talent creating products and setting up businesses in Kenya’s largest informal settlement.  You can see the rest of the series here:  Part 1: Baraka: Tyre Sandals Part 2: […]