Nikola Energy Forging Towards Sustainable Waste Management Waste management is a challenge for most developing countries. Growing economies and industries are prone to translate to increased waste production. E-waste is one of the many trivial wastes to manage. For one, they are caused by rapid technological advancements as each and every day comes a newer [...]
“Through the Eyes of a Woman” is about creativity and empowerment with the intention to show and highlight the woman’s perspective of the society. On Sunday 5th of November we attended the launch of the “Through The Eyes of a Woman” exhibition in Bega Kwa Bega, Baba Dogo, Nairobi. It is an initiative that encourages [...]
1 Behind the scenes at one of Nairobi's hippest creative gatherings Thrift Social is a recurring event where contemporary Nairobians meet and share ideas through fashion, design and entrepreneurship. Founded by 2manysiblings,  their most recent gathering was based around the theme of Future Trends in Nairobi at the Alchemist Bar. Guests where invited to dress [...]

Nairobi hosts an eclectic community of artisans and craft workers. Last year’s NDW opened this topic with a video series on artisans (locally known as Jua Kali workers) from Kenya’s largest informal settlement, Kibera. This year we are aiming to connect artisans to a wider market and give their work an even bigger exposure. Moreover, […]