Celebrating the process of creation Video by Engala Dereje. The final day of Nairobi Design Week 2018 was a celebration of the process of creation, under our festival theme of Resource & Community. Make a Day of it asked exhibitors to not only display and sell their products, but also share stories of how they [...]
Supporting talent and the filmmaking community Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) and Cultural Video Production (CVP), the company behind the The Nrb Bus collective have formed a partnership to deliver photography and video training to youth in Kenya. The partnership aims to support the creation of skilled jobs in the digital media industries in [...]
A Year of Taking Risk Into the Unknown Yesterday, I got an email from someone saying this: “I just checked out your Data Viz piece in VR and it’s amazing! Did you use Unity/C#? Is it available for download on Android?” If I had received this e-mail one year ago, I would have had to [...]
Afrika Design: Resource and Community Afrika Design brought together the industry and public for a day of discussions and discovery around the festival theme Resource & Community. A morning of speaker panels at the Kenya National Theater was followed by workshops in the sunny Kenya Cultural Centre courtyard. The event took place on Friday 23rd March 2018. [...]
Reclaiming Africa's Voice Through Technology The 360Afrika Forum is a partnership of creators, organizations, companies and industries that seeks to explore technological possibilities and apply this new knowledge for community impact. Together with Black Rhino VR, NboStoryLab, Code for Africa, Enter Africa, Fuse Catalyst, and ONA stories, we are supporting not only innovation, but Afrikan [...]
1) Boost your career If you're wondering what to see at Nairobi Design Week 2018, Careers in Design will be the first event of its type in Kenya. It's a day dedicated to connecting talent and opportunities. There will be design job opportunities from Bluesky Innovations, portfolio workshops by ArkAfrica and Orkidstudio as well as guest [...]
A chance to get interviewed at Careers in Design on Monday March 19th Bluesky Innovations will be exhibiting at Careers in Design on Monday March 19th 2018. To sign up and see more information about the event, visit our festival page. Exciting news from Bluesky Innovations! We are embarking on some exciting and ambitious commercial [...]