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Through the Eyes of a Woman: How would our cities look if they were designed by women?

“Through the Eyes of a Woman” is about creativity and empowerment with the intention to show and highlight the woman’s perspective of the society.

On Sunday 5th of November we attended the launch of the “Through The Eyes of a Woman” exhibition in Bega Kwa Bega, Baba Dogo, Nairobi.

It is an initiative that encourages girls and young women around Korogocho, to take part and practice their skills within music, sports and art. It is also an initiative that highlights and discuss the City from the Woman’s perspective: How would our cities and public spaces look if they were designed by women?

“Through the Eyes of a Woman” is organized by Dadas Connect, a project under Hoperaisers in collaboration with Architects Without Borders Sweden and The Swedish Institute. #DadasConnect brings women in arts and sports together for the purposes of empowering, mentoring and networking.

Chela showed us around her mixed media ‘Afroqueens’. One canvas featured spray painted hair and fabric earrings, providing a perfect contrast to the sharp lines that defined the character. Another series featured purple watercolour rings as backgrounds, spilling across the paper, offset by the unique faces.

Afroqueens by Nancy ‘Chelwek’

Joan’s work was not only resourceful but also current and emotive. She reuses beer cans, bottle caps, plastic bags and other materials on painted canvases to tell stories of women. We also got an insight into her workshop, where you could find real art and fashion pieces created out of the same range of materials, almost like she’s bringing her art into real life through these designs.

Art by Joan, made out of upcycled Tusker cans and plastic bags.

Can we use art to discuss and highlight gender equality in society?

If you’re interested in being involved or need more information you can email: The ‘Through The Eyes of A Woman’ exhibition runs until November 12th and the website can be found here. 

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