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Tujenge Kibera: Nairobi Design Week 2015

Tujenge Kibera

Hosted by Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI)

By NDW Team on 16th November 2015

Negative narratives have defined informal settlements. We are all too familiar with stories of crime, economic hardship and degraded conditions, but is that all there is to say about Kibera?

Since 2006 KDI has partnered with residents of Kibera to build public spaces that address the needs of the Kibera community. Through an engaged and impactful process they have cultivated not only amazing spaces, but also relationships and experiences that continue to shape their commitment to social change. In their work, they have discovered amazing resilience and success, witnessed moments of beauty, challenge and humor, and experienced the reality of Kibera life.

Tujenge Kibera is an invitation to explore, celebrate and spread new stories about Kibera life. Stories that highlight positive change, revealing the characters, and initiatives, that shape the neighborhoods of Kibera.

We welcome Kiberans to reflect on what they have achieved and what they can accomplish together, and in so doing, change the narrative about their lives.

Find out more about Tujenge Kibera and other projects at:

Matatu Routes 8, 32 to Kibera; alight at Makina , board a Highrise matatu. Alight at a junction near slum upgrading project, walk a few meters to Undugu ground.

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