World Environment Day E-waste Conference

Nikola Energy Forging Towards Sustainable Waste Management

Waste management is a challenge for most developing countries. Growing economies and industries are prone to translate to increased waste production. E-waste is one of the many trivial wastes to manage. For one, they are caused by rapid technological advancements as each and every day comes a newer technology  that gives us the urge to upgrade.

In Kenya, e-waste increases with the imports from developed countries such as the US and UK, with products such as used, sometimes outdated computers and laptops that are literally dumped into our markets. Due to a lack of awareness of the e-waste phenomenon, most of the management is usually left to our landfills. Toxic metals in these wastes; zinc,lead,nickel, are usually leached affecting the integrity of our ground water as well as the atmosphere.

Nikola Energy is a startup company that pushes for sustainable waste-to-energy process. This is in line with Kenya’s Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) more specifically on the three:

  • Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  • Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Redefining the role of  the Mwananchi in the Looming E-waste Crisis in Kenya

Tuesday,5th June will mark World Environment Day. In line with this, Nikola Energy and Squadra-1 will be commemorating the day with a host of activities with the aim of creating awareness to the mwananchi on e-waste to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-purpose it.

These activities will include;

Mini-Conference: – Where the main players in the E-Waste field will share their how tos | what is working |what isn’t working | perspective on the way forward. The Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, The Ministry of ICT, NEMA, Nairobi County, UNESCO, The Finnish Embassy, The Finnish Centre Party, WEEE, several private and public universities to name but a few who will be participating on the day. Corporate sponsors will also have opportunity to share their thoughts on the topic.

E-Waste Flea Market: – On the day, Kenyans will have the opportunity to batter or sell their no longer fit for purpose e-materials. This will allow those that have e-materials pilling up in their homes, an avenue to make a little money and hopefully get items that they are in need of.

Design Thinking Session with High-Schoolers: – Involve the youth, through design thinking, in ideating the best way forward for Kenya. This campaign will precede E-Day and will be held on 30th and 31st of May, 2018, Wednesday and Thursday. The three best solutions identified from this process will present their ideas on Tuesday, 5th June 2018, the Conference day. Facilitating this event will be Nikola Energy, Squadra 1, Mekatilili, AB3D, Mideva and we at Nairobi Design Week will also take part in it.

Hackathon: – Facilitate a Hackathon session the weekend before E-Day with E-Waste as the theme

Photo Competition Campaign: – 3 Weeks leading up to E-Day we can have a competition involving adults showing off the E-Waste that they intend to drop off on the day. Minors will have an art competition [Poems | Drawings | Paintings | Dance]

Communicate Locations of Collection Points: – Share information on where the mwananchi can deposit their E-Waste and future flea market opportunities

We’ll be celebrating World Environment Day there, throughout June 5th at PAWA254. Come and get to learn more about how to manage our e-waste and be a part of a cleaner environment movement. Admission is free for students. You can register and find tickets here.

If you’d like us to attend your event, contribute or be featuredplease contact us and we’ll be excited to share your story.

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