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6 Precautions we’ve taken against COVID-19

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The news on Friday 13th that Kenya’s first case of COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) was confirmed, came on the sixth day of Nairobi Design Week 2020. As we all awaited more news from official sources, discussions took place with partners and participants.

Before the news hit, we had already taken certain precautions:

1) Providing hand sanitizers to all our attendees.

2) Providing access to soap, handwash facilities and to clean toilets.

3) Putting up informative signs of how to stay clean.

4) Collecting a register of names through sign-ins at the exhibition.

After the news, we also:

5) Decided to postpone Pop Up & Chill x NDW to prevent a large public gathering at this time, as well as other sessions such as Design Matatu, Partners Dinner, Hoops & Chill, music sessions, videography, painting and more. We will be announcing updates for these in due course.

6) Postponed the launch of our #MadeByKenya bags collaboration with Sandstorm Kenya, Beyond 3D Afrika and others, to prevent unnecessary movement of physical products between multiple locations.

You will be able to experience all the events, speakers, exhibits, music videos and more from NDW2020 digitally in the coming days and weeks across our website and online platforms.

At this time, we encourage our community to stay up to date through the Government’s COVID-19 website, practice social distancing and other sensible advice that may help to combat the situation we are all in right now.

Use this time as an opportunity to create new things, connect with friends and family and catch up on the things you never had time for. 

Stay safe everyone!

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