African Space Makers has been officially selected to the Venice VR Expanded Competition, at the 77th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica 2020.

“A historical moment for African creativity, this is a first ever 360 interactive mockumentary, made in Africa and the first time a Kenyan VR film has been selected at Venice.”

This journey starts in Nairobi and tells the story of five urban collectives: Maasai Mbili; Brush Tu, Keroche and the graffiti artists of the Railway’s Station Museum; Jesie and the skaters of Sunken Park; EA-WAVE and the Jaba Juicers.

It’s about space makers and their Afro-Punk ethos “do it yourself”, create your own space, support creativity, and work out your own way!

nairobi railways carriage behind the scenes

You will choose the order in which you will be able to visit these spaces, and in each one of them, you will make very important choices. You will end up in the biggest dumping site of Africa in search of objects and wild animals bones, painting trains and running from data police with graffiti artists, or challenging the religious fanatics, skating in liminal spaces and drinking khat juice with trendy musicians before flying over CBD.


The project’s main goal is to demonstrate how the creative class can become an agent of social, cultural and economical development and how these spaces are currently challenging the acceptance of established social norms on sexuality, gender, religion, minorities, race.

They want to sensitise the general public and the key decision-makers in Africa on the strategic importance of creating new spaces to support their local economies. The aspiration is for the format to become an Afro-Punk Pan-African platform to promote the “Do it Yourself” philosophy .

With a distribution model based on Urban Walks and collective screenings they want to implement, the long term vision is to produce other similar experiences in Lagos, Kinshasa, Cairo, Johannesburg, Luanda, Dakar.

red poster with nairobi in the background and the african space makers team illustrated in foreground

Choose which film director you want to be and experience urban Africa with your own crew. This is your assignment, and this is how you are going to understand what it means to be an African space maker: A Real Urban Hero!! 


Anita – Samantha Mugatsia / Kevo – Kevin Maina / Trainer – Raymond Ofula / Makanga – Edward Burugu aka Neno Kali/
Patricia – Patricia Kihoro / Mugambi – Mugambi Nthiga / Cyborg Giraffe – Nyokabi Macharia / Maasai Mbili – Kevin Irungu
Karuga – Gomba Otieno / Jaba Juice – Frankie Muttoro Kibuki – Hiribae Chanda Wanyoike / Brush Tu – Moira Bushkimani –
Emmaus Kimani – James Muriuki / Skaters – Jesse Otumba Otieno / Graffiti Artists – Keroche Njoroge


Line Producer – Silvia Gioiello / Executive Producer INVR.SPACE – Sönke Kirchhof / Executive Producer BLACK RHINO
VR – Brian Afande / VR Producer – Philipp Wenning / Producer Assistant – Paul Maina / Producer Assistant INVR.SPACE – Max
Fleming / Junior Producer INVR.SPACE – Anastasiia Novitska / Assistant Director – Shamina Rajab / Assistant Director – Joyce
Kanze Nzovu / Grip – Karanja Onesmus / Set Designer – Neha Shah & Seventh Ivory Production Ltd / Costume Designer – Lucy
Robi / Make Up Artist – Mokeira Oyaro / Sound Recordist – Bilal Hamisi / DOP – Isa Mohamed / DOP – Philipp Wenning /
Stereographer – Sönke Kirchhof / Equipment – Chris Kern 360Camrent / Editor – Charlie Muchirie/ Postproduction Supervisor
/Editor – Jessica Zippel / Stitching Artist – Jens Burgdorf / Stitching Artist – Sara Montenegro / App Developer – Adrian Staude
/ App Developer – Marie Günther / Graphics – Stephen Kimani / Graphics – Habby Longino / Research Assistant – Emmaus
Kimani / Poster / Logo Graphics KALA Media Nairobi


EA Wave / Spatial Audio – Rekorder Studios Berlin / Spatial Audio – Andreas Loof / Spatial Audio – Alexander von


The Nrb BusCultural Video Production, Black Rhino VR and INVR.SPACE
with the support of Culture At Work Africa, HIVOS, Goethe Institut Nairobi

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