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Brand The Change Academy: Scholarships Available

Brand The Change Academy: a four-month brand building programme

Brand the Change Academy

Building your own brand can feel like a daunting task. The process is complex and famously hard to apply to by yourself. There are lots of decisions to make with hard-to-foresee consequences. Putting yourself out there in the world is unmistakably scary.

But not selling yourself is not an option. If you want to attract investors, land partnerships, grow your fan base and recruit the best talent to your team, brand and marketing are crucial.

Our brand development process as outlined in Brand The Change creates a great structure to follow, and the Academy is here to help you apply it in the best possible way to your own product or service, personally guided by Anne and the faculty.

‘Fingers crossed’ is not a brand strategy. Get the support you need to sell yourself well to the world in 2020!

  • Go through key steps of the ‘Brand The Change’ brand development process with steps, tools and exercises guided by Anne Miltenburg

  • Do the research and development work for each step in independent assignments, building your brand along the way

  • Get feedback on your work from Anne, Maja and Maira, and your peers, live in class or on the online class platform

  • Get answers to your questions on all the not-so-sexy brand topics like trademarking, naming and brand architecture

  • Learn from in-depth case studies of strong changemaking brands

A blended format

The programme runs for four months and follows specific steps from the brand development process as outlined in our book, Brand The Change.

We discuss each step in bi-weekly live online hangouts, and share questions, discuss dilemmas and exchange experiences.

Between the live sessions, you have time to do the research and development for each step in structured assignments. You will receive personal feedback on the work from your faculty and peers on the class platform and in the live sessions.

We will also team you up in a peer coaching circle with two classmates for support, accountability and collaboration on the assignments.



When you attend the hangouts and complete the assignments, you will have:

  • A strong brand proposition and positioning in the market

  • Your own brand framework (brand core: mission, vision, values, promises, brand identity: visual and verbal and all six categories of brand interactions) defined, and captured in your own Brand Thinking Canvas

  • Personas for your audience(s) and a plan for how you will reach them

  • The departure points for a strong visual and verbal identity, captured in a briefing for creative work

  • Your elevator-style brand pitch

  • An action plan for your launch and post-launch

Format Five modules, each consisting of reading material with individual assignments and 2 live 90-minute online group sessions

Costs €1.600 / $1,750 / 180,000KES ex. VAT
Access By application, max 12 participants

We have two half scholarships available for participants who are citizens or residents of a country with a GNI per capita of $10,000 or less, or trainers work with marginalised communities.

If you want to apply for the scholarship, please indicate this in the application form.

Application deadline

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until Feb 14 2020, or until training is filled. Because we have a limited amount of spots available to ensure personal feedback and interaction, we recommend applying as early as you can. Read more about the application process details below.

Who’s it for?

We welcome participants from a wide range of professional worlds: entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and educators, working in sectors as diverse as food, conservation, sustainability and tech.

In different roles:

  • solo-entrepreneurs

  • (co)founders

  • leaders in organisations (charities, NGOs, not-for-profits)

  • heads of (or team members of) brand/marketing/comms departments

At several stages:

  • You have an idea for a product or service for change and you would like to use this programme to clarify your concept and find first supporters (investors, partners, etc)

  • You have a first prototype or just launched your product or service

  • You have an initial brand that was created for launch and you would now like to ‘get serious’ about branding

  • You want to revisit your brand due to reputation problems or lack of traction

This course is not suitable for those who are only looking for customer growth through, for instance, digital marketing strategies.


Most of all, we select people willing to support each other, to bring their brains to class, to debate, to inspire, to listen, to give feedback, to hold each other accountable. No freewheelers here.


The only mould that you need to fit is none. Diversity in personal profile and complementary professional fields and skills means more knowledge and less competition, only collaboration.

Our classes consist of the mature and the green, with a slight bump of thirty-somethings. We are atheists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, vegans and carnivores, Latinas and Scandinavians. We, Maira and Anne, demand from ourselves that we create an environment where everyone can bring their full selves to class.

The only caveat is that you need to speak English at a professional level, as debates and presentations online require some degree of proficiency.

Our previous classes represented 18 nationalities, with 14 participants with multiple national or cultural identities.

The only limit to your geographical location is how late or how early in the day you are willing to get up to meet us live at 3pm Nairobi time.

If you’d like to be featured on the Nairobi Design Week website, please submit your content below or contact us.

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