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Busara are hiring a creative team. APPLY NOW!



Demand for Behavioral Science has increased consistently. Busara have expanded their operations into new areas of expertise and new geographies beyond the African continent, and are growing their Communications and Creative Team.


If you’re looking for full time or freelance work and have an interest in learning the importance of behavioural science in solving problems for the Global South, look below!


We’ve divided each role into key points, which we feel capture the main requirements. This should make it easier to know which one you’re most suitable for, so we’d like to ask you to PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR ONE ROLE! Candidates who apply for more than one role may be overlooked.


Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed over a call and set a short task to allow them to show the Busara team their skills and abilities.


More information about Busara can be found at the end of this post.


Update 4/10/2019: Kenyans have been hired for the Communications Director and Communications Manager roles!






Please Apply to for Communication Director, Manager & Officer positions.

We suggest you include:

  • name of the role in the email subject line.
  • brief cover letter explaining your interest in the role
  • CV
  • examples of relevant work experience




Focus Areas:

  • STRATEGIC DIRECTION: Design Busara’s Communications strategy to meet our growth objectives, adapting and improving it as needed over time.
  • LEADERSHIP: Manage the grow the team, developing skills and capacity to meet and generate demand internally.
  • BRAND EXPERTISE: Apply technical know-how to build Busara’s audience, reputation, visibility, and influence.



  • Great leader: can provide honest, actionable & constructive feedback.
  • Open-minded: enjoys teamwork, idea exchange and collaborative work.
  • Confident speaker & decision-maker: does not shy away from making decisions, trying new things, learning from “failure”.



  • Proven track record of successfully executing Communication / Digital Marketing strategies from start to finish.
  • 10+ years experience in communications / policy outreach / PR / marketing / design & 7+ years experience managing people and leading teams to success.
  • Flawless written skills.


Responsible for: All Communications outputs & performance of team

Years of Experience: 10+




Focus Areas:

  • EDITORIAL EXPERTISE: Review, edit and improve all Busara outputs to meet the needs of our target audience.
  • LEADERSHIP: Understand the platform-specific applications for our various target audiences and manage them accordingly.
  • ANALYTICS & TRACKING: Define Key Performance Indicators for our Communications effort (internal & client-facing) and demonstrate effectiveness over time.



  • Ambitious, wants to develop skills and learn about Behavioral Science.
  • Mentor, capacity builder, interested in long-term solutions.
  • Critical observation, attention to detail, notice trends and suggest solutions.



  • Flawless written skills, enjoys the challenge of making complex messages accessible to broader audiences without compromising content quality
  • Experience building digital platforms & launching them successfully from start to finish. Has developed blogs & newsletter campaigns
  • 7+ years experience using Google Analytics for reporting. Must be an expert.


Responsible for: Client-facing reports

Years of Experience: 7+





Focus Areas:

  • CONTENT PUBLISHING: Create a per platform social media publishing calendar.
  • COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Grow and manage our audience.
  • REPORTING: Track engagement metrics over time and demonstrate improvement.



  • Pro-active, creative
  • Fast learner, team player
  • Self-motivated & disciplined



  • Can lead and manage a publishing calendar autonomously
  • Proven track record of growing B2B audiences on social media
  • Google Analytics expert.


Responsible for: Social Media platforms

Years of Experience: 5+




Please Apply to for Design Officer & Front End Designer roles.

We suggest you include:

  • name of the role in the email subject line.
  • brief cover letter explaining your interest in the role
  • Portfolio of work (3-5 strongest/ most relevant projects)
  • CV





  • Creative in ideation. and proactive in application. 
  • Likes suggesting new ideas and seeing them through.
  • Pushes new visions on communicating and how to track usage of designs.


Focus Areas:

  • EDITORIAL DESIGN: Apply & update branded Busara templates, create client-specific templates & content where relevant.
  • ILLUSTRATION: Create visual materials for infographics & social media posts. (InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • DESIGN REPOSITORY: Manage a growing design & photography asset library.



  • Leadership, systems-oriented to develop efficiency-gaining solutions.
  • Project management & initiative.
  • Brand development & management.


Responsible for: External outputs

Years of Experience: 5+





  • Curious, fast learner, open to experimenting & A-B testing
  • Driven by innovation & the desire to design cutting-edge, effective and user-friendly interfaces
  • Strong sense of responsibility, professionalism and initiative


Focus Areas & Experience:

  • USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN: Create digital & dynamic experiences for our client reporting. (XD, Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • WEBSITE MANAGEMENT: Lead Busara website re-design with external agency & project manage further development. (WordPress)
  • LIASON WITH BACK-END: Collaborate with back-end design to finalize output for delivery. (HTML / CSS / Javascript)


Responsible for: All digital outputs & products by Busara

Years of Experience: 5+





Busara is a research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing and applying behavioral science in the Global South. We work with governments, NGOs, private companies and academics to understand human behavior, and design solutions to overcome behavioral barriers to products, programs and policies as they scale.

Busara are hiring a Creative Team!

Rigor, relevance & creativity

  • We push the boundaries of behavioral science by bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners.  Our work focuses on understanding and designing for culture and context; there is no one-sized-fits-all solution.
  • We believe that the best solutions are user-focused, target specific behaviors, and can produce measurable results.
  • We believe that the best products, programs and policies are created for a specific context, and effectively creating behavioral solutions requires a strong presence in the context.
  • We spend a long time listening, learning, designing and discarding potential solutions before we find the ones that may work. Then we test, scale, break, and iterate, again and again until we have it right.
  • We’ve worked with single-person startups and social enterprises, as well as global firms and multilateral development organizations. Our approach to solving behavioral problems is sector agnostic and our portfolio has included challenges in health, financial inclusion, agriculture, and civic engagement. Whether creating a new financial product that will reach millions, or changing the wording on a single SMS to drive engagement, we take the same values and process into everything we do.


At Busara, we believe in a world where evidence-based and context-specific solutions are implemented to address the world’s most pressing problems.


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