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Busara are looking for a full time graphic designer!

Busara Graphic Designer


Position summary

The Graphic Designer supports Busara’s new Communications division from its headquarters in Nairobi. This is a position that cuts across all divisions at Busara and requires capability in design, execution of projects and time management. Compelling design including graphic design, web and mobile design and design for printed products are all necessary to support the rapid growth and project mix at Busara. With up to 40 ongoing projects within the organisation at once, there are a wide variety of design challenges and design needs, from developing collateral for a product intervention, to creating comprehensive editorial reports, to developing a culture of design-thinking at Busara.

The Graphic Designer is responsible for completing all design-focused projects with a critical and rigorous eye for detail. As our organisation spans across a wide range of sectors and disciplines, from highly academic lab experiments to strategic consulting for pan-African corporations, our communications must be as flexible and far reaching as our work.

DELIVER cutting-edge branding and design for all Busara outputs including reports, interventions, and other collateral

GROW Busara’s understanding of design best practices by pro-actively making suggestions and recommendations for improvement

More specifically, the deliverables of the Graphic Designer will likely include (not exclusively):

  • Editorial Design (Reports/Proposal)
  • Intervention Design support for our Behavioral Design team
  • Supporting staff in identifying their design needs
  • Office Design Support
  • Designing office brand collateral and merchandise (Business Cards, Notebooks, Stickers etc)
  • Managing digital & print templates
    • PPT Presentations (Internal & External)
    • Word Documents (Reports & Proposal)
    • Social Media
    • Letterheads
    • Invoices
    • Receipts
    • LPO

Core requirements

The ideal candidate is action-oriented, a self-starter, quickly grasps new concepts, has excellent project management skills and is focused on results. In particular, we are looking for candidates with:

  • Ability to quickly understand Busara’s business and organizational culture and how to use communications, testing and design to support that culture.
  • Proven ability to work well with diverse teams, under tight deadlines
  • Collaborative approach to design, receptive to input in the creative process
  • Clear, proactive communication, and ability to set expectations for timeline and scope of work
  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office
  • Proven experience designing for print, web, and presentation
  • Experience with user-centered design principles
  • A history of contributing strategically to organizations, with an emphasis on communications and design
  • An ability to work with and inspire people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences


Busara company overview

Busara is a research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing and applying behavioral science in the Global South. We work with governments, NGOs, private companies and academics to understand human behavior, and design solutions to overcome behavioral barriers to products, programs and policies as they scale.


Rigor, relevance & creativity

  • We push the boundaries of behavioral science by bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners.  Our work focuses on understanding and designing for culture and context; there is no one-sized-fits-all solution.
  • We believe that the best solutions are user-focused, target specific behaviors, and can produce measurable results.
  • We believe that the best products, programs and policies are created for a specific context, and effectively creating behavioral solutions requires a strong presence in the context.
  • We spend a long time listening, learning, designing and discarding potential solutions before we find the ones that may work. Then we test, scale, break, and iterate, again and again until we have it right.
  • We’ve worked with single-person startups and social enterprises, as well as global firms and multilateral development organizations. Our approach to solving behavioral problems is sector agnostic and our portfolio has included challenges in health, financial inclusion, agriculture, and civic engagement. Whether creating a new financial product that will reach millions, or changing the wording on a single SMS to drive engagement, we take the same values and process into everything we do.


At Busara, we believe in a world where evidence-based and context-specific solutions are implemented to address the world’s most pressing problems.


APPLY NOW by sending your CV, portfolio and cover letter to Caroline.  Micheal Bagorogoza.


UPDATE Friday 16th August 2019: Application email changed to Micheal’s. All previous applications are still being considered. Applications are being considered on a rolling basis.

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