Canon and The NRB Bus supporting Kenya’s filmmakers

Supporting talent and the filmmaking community

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) and Cultural Video Production (CVP), the company behind the The Nrb Bus collective have formed a partnership to deliver photography and video training to youth in Kenya. The partnership aims to support the creation of skilled jobs in the digital media industries in Kenya and wider East Africa, leading to the establishment of a vibrant and growing audio-visual industry.

The partnership will revolve around several elements, the first of which is organising workshops for students and the wider practitioners at The Nrb Bus, or through a mobile unit traveling around Kenya to reach more areas and people interested in the programme. There will be 40 short workshops, which will take place at the Alchemist Bar in Nairobi, as well as 12 longer workshops which will take place at The Nrb Bus on General Mathenge Lane, Westlands in Nairobi and other cities in Kenya. The programme will run from 13th until 20th May, and commence with a Canon Story Telling workshop with Trainer Georgina Goodwin.

Kenya’s next generation of filmmakers

Secondly the project will also support the growth of creative talents through skills development and mentorship, especially if those talents who have not been able to find suitable job placements. The project will seek to find young Kenyan and international talents, both to mentor and in need of mentoring as part of the workshop and outreach activities.

Roman Troedhandl, Managing Director, Canon Central and North Africa, said: “We value our partnership with Cultural Video Production and The Nrb Bus collective as we both seek to promote a reputable imaging and film industry in Kenya. Photography and imaging is an incredible art form and Canon is proud to support the training of the next generation of talents that will establish and grow the film and photography sectors.

Exposing young talents to the latest imaging technology and nurturing their skills will give the participants unparalleled opportunities on a local as well as an international level when seeking work, or even establishing their own imaging business. It will also expand their network of connections within the industry.”

“This programme is completely in line with the philosophy of The Nrb Bus, which has always been to advocate for the creation of creative spaces to support the development of new talents” 

Vincenzo Cavallo, The Nrb Bus founder

Canon’s corporate philosophy of `Kyosei`, meaning ‘living and working together for the common good,’ the company continues to maintain its strong growth and prosperity in the region through new business initiatives while also promoting its CSR activities.

The workshop and seminar sessions that will be conducted will widely vary from photography to filmmaking, these will include subjects such as: understanding the exposure triangle, ‘Composition Notion’, controlling shutter speed and aperture for creativity, shooting for stills vs shooting for video, ‘Grammar of filmmaking’, controlling and changing screen direction, camera movement in feature films, the use of slow motion in music videos and commercials, and creating immersive experiences using Canon cameras.

Canon will also provide imaging equipment to The Nrb Bus as part of the partnership. The equipment will be loaned to emerging artists and students with the aim of familiarising them with the cutting-edge professional technology used internationally, including Canon’s latest technology in imaging and their capabilities such as: the leading EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 80D, and the Cinema EOS range, of the C200 and C300 Mark II.

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