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Class of 2019: Design Students at University of Nairobi



The design students at the University of Nairobi recently completed their final projects in illustration, graphic design, product design, fashion design and interior design. We visited their final year show, hosted at the ADD Building at the University of Nairobi. Below are some of the projects and their creators.


Julie Adhiambo (Fashion design)


“Hakufana is a name derived from two Swahili words Hakuna Kufanana meaning no looking the same. Hakufana is a collection curated from the concept of individualism and inspired by Shibori which is a Japanese traditional dyeing technique which ensures that no one print is the same no matter how exact the dyeing method is.This collection seeks to celebrate self identity and anti conformity in fashion through unique prints and that have been made using organic indigo.”


Ronnie Mbugua (Graphic Design)

“Every act of creation in the universe has to follow an exact sequence, and this is no different in the world of design. Having a clear and defined process increases your efficiency, minimizes errors and allows you to leave repetitive tasks to our powerful subconscious mind.

This is what I was aiming to achieve with this project, to come up with a deck of cards, inspired by the Kanga that guides a young graphic designer through the design process until they have internalized it. There are 5 elements that represent each stage of the process, giving rise to the name Cardinal Elements.

Instagram: @ronniembugua
Portfolio: www.behance.net/RonnieMbugua


Denzel Kamau (Graphic Design)


Burger Hut prides itself as being the first exclusive Burger joint in Nairobi. We took the concept and made the place a champion for where first moments are created. Different first experiences are embodied in this campaign, and Burger Hut is the restaurant where these first memories are created  

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/ntpTuIev33g

Instagram @denzeldzel

Behance: https://www.behance.net/denzelkamae520


Kaviki Muema (Illustration)

“My project is centered on a Sexual violence campaign for persons in universities and colleges. The work is a form of visual communication capturing themes such psychological and physical effects of sexual violence, myths and attitudes surrounding sexual violence and what is considered to be sexual violence.

Myths and attitudes captured include that the victim was wearing something skimpy and therefore they were asking for it, male sexual violence victims do not suffer as much as females, that giving gifts entitles one to sexual favors and if a victim is drunk they probably had it coming. The work dispels the mentioned misguided attitudes and myths.”

Instagram: @kaviki_muema


Gabriel Njue (Product Design)


Gabriel is driven by product design. His project is inspired by African Wildlife, its patterns and animals, specifically the Big Five.🦁

All the works involved are purely African made using materials found locally such as real cow hide leather, jacaranda tree for the wood and home made clay for the ceramic pieces. All hand made and one off. 🇰🇪

The pieces were done using energy efficient methods and incorporated modular design in the outcome.



Rose Chebet Koech (Product Design)


@rowzey_gold is passionate about #productdesign

Her project explored biodegradable materials such as water hyacinth and fish leather to make eco-friendly baby shower products.

“I woked with fish leather because products need to embrace green design solutions. We as designers need to educate others about applying sustainable design solutions during product development.” 🐟

“I also worked with ceramics, one of the most beautiful and practical, natural materials you can use in your home interior designs.”🏺

“My inspiration came from flamingoes and I sourced the raw materials from Lake Victoria.”


James Kariuki (Interior Design)


This project seeks to amalgamate African and Chinese culture through Design. Inspiration for the designs have been drawn from Feng Shui, and traditional wall art from the Ndebele of South Africa. All the while being sustainable.


Sandra Akinyi (Interior Design)

My project is centered around the use of the bold, geometric and colourful Ghanaian Kente Cloth Patterns in the refurbishment of an existing student hostel. One’s environment has an impact on one’s productivity and the creation of a more user centered environment will enable the students to maximize on their productivity.


Edwin Wainaina (Illustration)





My name is Edwin Wainaina . In regards to my final pin up for the Fourth year exhibition, my work was based on an African vibe and Ndebele patterns .

My project was based on a Hotel in Westlands called Appleton Resort .The hotel was to host an African Nouveau Festival but lacked African artworks to add in the decoration of the festival . Hence , my input came in .

The work was split into 4 categories all comprising the theme above : Scientific illustration,Book illustration, Painting and Print illustration.


Rosemary Wangari (Fashion Design)


Queen of the Pearls

Outfits and makeup by Rosemary Wangari
Model @__african.doll__
Photography @teddygichanga@orionstudiosafrica

Tel: +254 716392630

Email @rosemarywangari861@gmail.com

Instagram: rosemary Wangari



Congratulations to all the graduates!

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