Nairobi Design Institute Class of 2019 graduates'

Class of 2019: Nairobi Design Institute


December last year, we were invited for the Nairobi Design Institute graduation for their second cohort since the institution’s foundation. We had the opportunity of talking with one of the Directors – Tosh Juma, a graduate – Jesica Ombika and an alumni – Don Odero who all shared their experiences and insights about the institute. 

It was a great opportunity about NDI’s progress, and we look forward to seeing where the graduates’ careers take them.

About The Nairobi Design Institute (NDI)

NDI is a design school where people of different cultural, professional and social backgrounds learn practically how to apply various design disciplines when approaching and solving challenges through collaborative efforts. By leveraging each other’s diverse experience, students are able to challenge each other to critically think and come up with innovative solutions.

NDI employs a user-centered approach when tackling challenges which allows fellows to immerse themselves in different communities and develop empathy for the people they are trying to serve. By getting to understand their users’ needs fellows are able to design interventions that are meaningful and impactful.

Our trainers are both local and international industry experts with multiple years of experience working within the design industry. Through the different modules, fellows are able to master the thinking, tools and processes essential for the future of design; understanding complex human needs and behaviors, processes that enable customer satisfaction and a methodology that equips designers with the foresight to design for impact and scale.

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