Design Festivals around the World: February- April

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Last year Nairobi Design Week joined the World Design Weeks organisation, a quickly growing group of festivals which intends to connect the world’s design communities.

We believe it’s important for designers to explore the work of their peers around the world and one of the best ways to be inspired is by attending events. As part of our membership of WDW, we will bring you news and updates about other design weeks and festivals around the world.

On the WDW website you’ll find a calendar of design festivals representing cities, countries and even regions from every corner of the world.

The highlight of Africa's design calendar...

This week Design Indaba, took place in South Africa, one of the biggest design events of the entire year, featuring Kenya’s own Mark Kamau, UX director at BRCK.

Explore something different in design...

Arctic Design Week, the northernmost design festival in the world, kicked off last Monday and we recommend checking out their website and social media for something different to Nairobi. The way a culture forms and designs its society is determined largely by its environment, and nowhere is this clearer than at the design week furthest from the equator.

See the full World Design Weeks schedule...

March will start with Bogotá Design Festival, followed up by DesignMarch, Iceland’s biggest design festival. Finally in March, our own Nairobi Design Week will take place on 18th-25th March. Boston Design Week will be the highlight of April, featuring 12 days of citywide events under the theme ‘Now, New, Next’.

See below for a listing of upcoming design festivals:

Arctic Design Week
February 19–25, 2018

Bogotá Design Festival
March 6–10, 2018

Nairobi Design Week
March 18-25, 2018

Design Indaba Festival
February 21–24, 2018

March 15–18, 2018

Boston Design Week
April 4–15, 2018

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