Design is for Everyone!

‘Design is for Everyone’ is a series featuring the stories and voices of the Nairobi Design Week community.

Exploring how design is Empathetic, open, accessible, inclusive & sensual. Each episode will be an audiovisual presentation of a unique piece or project done by creatives from our community in 60 seconds or less.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you!

Every year we follow a theme that expands our values and explores the world of design. This year’s theme is ‘Design is For Everyone’.

Ep 1: Joy Kioko

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Joy Kioko illustrated the book ‘Those That Came Before Us‘ by Kui Gitonga.

The book teaches children about our independence history through the stories of 5 fierce Kenyan women: Mekatilili wa Menza, Hanna Kung’u, Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima, Wambui Waiyaki Otieno and Mukami Kimathi.

A lot of research went in to getting the characters to look as realistic as possible, as these are real women who did exist and had a huge impact on today.

Ep 2: Wakianda

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Wakianda transforms everyday materials such as paper and fabric into unique pieces of art and bold fashion costumes.

Among other exhibitions, her avant garde designs have been featured at Kampala Art Biennale and at the ‘Fashion meets Art’ Exhibition by Kioko Art Gallery and Kenya Fashion Awards.

She shares the journey that led to the creation of a sculptural series titled ‘Unshackled.’

The ‘trap’ is 16 in wide by 6 in high, designed intricately using embossed paper. It forms intertwined geometric patterns that truly feels like it can trap you in!

What is your ‘trap’?


red and black prototype of fashion

“We see a child’s curiosity and experimental nature as she takes us through a playful world of art while addressesing contemporary themes such as self identity. 

She expresses her version of freeing herself from labels imposed by others through a sculpted figure breaking free from a ‘cocoon’.

‘…I’m Free, I’m limitless!’

Ep 3: Ian Abraham

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Ian Abraham (Mersacury) takes us through their ongoing Furniture project. The industrial designer believes that design is meant to solve problems, and they have a unique way of doing so.


“One of the problems I’m looking to solve is housing in Kenya mostly to do with furniture. For most Kenyans houses are expensive to build or to buy, so most of us resort to renting.

When it comes to renting however, alot of people tend to move from one house to another and the process gets more complicated when you have to move bulky furniture.

We are creating an online platform, a website. Based on the designs we’ve made they can customise the designs to fit their various specifications…”

We met Ian in 2018 at the grand finale of Bata Kenya Designers’ Apprentice, where he emerged the runner up for his efforts in the contest. His bold, progressive redesign of the Safari boot wowed the judges and inspired thoughts for the classic boot’s future. (swipe to see photos.)

During Nairobi Design Week 2020, he premiered his animated short feature ‘Spaceshot’, which took us on a journey through a futuristic world of space travel, and reminded us of the importance of environmental responsibility for the sake of our future.

The quality of execution left everyone in awe, and with each project he shares it’s clear the hard work is going in to refine his skills

Thank you all for sharing your journeys with us!

If you know someone who should be featured, get in touch!

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