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Designers COVID-19 Opportunities. How can you join the fight against it?

How can a designers & creatives contribute to the fight against COVID-19?

Designers COVID-19 Opportunities: With the difficult period that the world has been facing, many organisations around the world have been quick to react and challenge their communities for potential solutions.

If you’re wondering how to get involved and offer your contribution, below you’ll find opportunities related to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak that are particularly skewed towards designers and creatives.

We’ll update this list with new opportunities for as long as the crisis is happening, and new ones are shared with us. 

Have you come across an opportunity that should be added to the list? Tell the chatbot below or contact us and we’ll take a look.

LAST UPDATED: 31st March 2020.

United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives

The United Nations (UN) needs your help in translating critical public health messages, into work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms. The shortlisted work will reach everyone, everywhere.

We need your submissions from day 1. The UN will continually review the submissions, and shortlist the most suitable work to become visible on a microsite, and accessible to everyone – supporting media, brands, influencers etc – around the world, who can download and use the work across their platforms in support of this cause.

It is not too late. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together, we can save lives, protect resources and care for each other.

Use any creative medium to produce work that captures one of the coronavirus key messages below, in a clear, impactful and shareable way
Capture one of the UN key messages in your work:
Personal Hygiene
Physical Distancing
Know the symptoms
Kindness contagion
Myth busting
Do more, donate

Find more information, inspiration and existing assets for each key message HERE

The UN needs a range of creative solutions to reach audiences across different age groups, affiliations, geographies and languages.

Keep in mind that submitted work will be reviewed by the UN and considered for co-branding and distribution through UN and supporting platforms

By submitting your work to this brief you agree to grant the UN, all supporters and else anyone who wants to share this positive message, permission to use your work. Anyone who uses the work will be asked to credit the creator (but we cannot guarantee this).

Share your work on social, tag @WHO @UN @UnitedNations @Talenthouse and use the hashtags: #FlattenTheCurve #SafeHands #AloneTogether #ViralKindness #StopTheSpread #coronavirus #Covid19

What Design Can Do

The pioneering platform, which recently hosted the Clean Energy Challenge in 5 global cities, including Nairobi, invites you to share with us a creative initiative that has inspired you recently.

Or even stronger, we invite you to share with us your creative projects and ideas (new, on-going and/or old) that address, or aim to provide solutions to, the corona crisis. Examples of this can be: graphic commentaries, projects with a purpose, quotes, interviews, videos and more. Send your projects and ideas to: We will publish them and share them widely with our community. Do it because it matters!

Let us seize this opportunity to change things that badly need changing. For a start, our fossil-fuelled global economy. And let us embrace more than ever the positives, like the solidarity and creativity we are witnessing around the globe.

World Design Organization

Designers wanted for COVID-19 Project

In an urgent effort to mobilize the global design community to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Design Organization (WDO) is calling on all available designers to commit to an initiative that will propose design-led solutions to a number of pressing challenges that are affecting us all.

In collaboration with IBM’s Corporate Service Corps and Design for America, WDO set out last week to identify over 180 challenge statements from across the globe. In a 24-hour turnaround, these issues have been distilled into seven large themes with the greatest potential for impact if addressed now.

WDO is calling on all those designers who can commit some time to work remotely together over the course of the next 10-14 days. They are looking for participants and team leaders to build working groups around these themes immediately. If you would like to participate, submit your interest below.

This Coronavirus pandemic as we all know represents the greatest challenge we have faced collectively and as designers and design thinkers have a duty to use our considerable skills to do our part to help address some of its most significant challenges.

Given the urgency and the alarming rate of this pandemic, workgroups will start working as of Wednesday, 25 March 2020.


Co-Creation Hub

[Call for Projects] – Funding and Design Support for COVID-19 Projects

CcHUB is looking to fund and provide research and design support, via our Design Lab, for COVID-19 related projects. These include, but not limited to, projects in the following areas: 

  • Last mile communication: educating the public and ensuring the right information reaches even remote locations.
  • Support for the infected and the most vulnerable in society.
  • Local production of essential medical supplies 
  • Support for our food value chain, from producers to consumers, in the event of movement restrictions.

If you are already working on a project or have an idea, with the capability to build out the solution with available resources from CcHUB, please fill out this form here

Quarantine International Film Festival


10 Short films from around the globe will be selected to be uploaded to the QIFF Youtube Channel and promoted on social media. This is a “for fun” festival as a way to help people feel creatively fulfilled during isolation caused by COVID-19.


1. THEME : ‘BEAR’ OR ‘BARE’ – up to your interpretation. This is a prompt, you do not need to say the word in the film if you do not wish. And please no animal cruelty! (Obviously)




5. MUST BE PG-13 (no nudity, excessive swearing or violence)

6. ANY GENRE OR STYLE ACCEPTED (animation, short live action, documentary, experimental)

7. FILM WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT! (Smartphone, webcam, DSLR, etc…) and use what you can! (Could be you by yourself, could be you and some friends, but be safe and do what is best for your situation).

8. April 1st at 11:59 pm is the DEADLINE, and submissions are FREE! We just want to see what you do!

Bompas & Parr

Looking for creatives to rethink hand sanitiser

Bompas & Parr, the brilliantly bizarre London-based studio, has launched a hand sanitiser pump design competition in support of The British Red Cross. Inviting designers, makers and architects to take part, the competition, Fountain of Hygiene, is asking creatives for their “inspired takes on the sanitiser pumps now on counters across the globe.”

With repeated hand washing a key piece of advice and with more than 100 countries now affected by Covid-19, Fountain of Hygiene “seeks to explore the aesthetic, functional, social, gestural and experiential possibilities of enhanced hygiene,” says Bompas & Parr. The results are then planned to go on display at the Design Museum (“an online display will be developed in parallel as an alternative if a real-world display is not recommended”), before being auctioned by Christie’s to raise money for The British Red Cross.

Tim Marlow, the Design Museum’s chief executive and director at the Design Museum adds: “Design has an important role in helping to solve many of the challenges that we face in daily life including some of those raised by the recent Covid-19 outbreak. We hope that the shortlisted entries of the Sanitiser Design Competition will demonstrate the importance of research and innovative thinking.” 

The overall aim of the competition, therefore, is to “encourage use of sanitising alcohol gels in both the public and domestic realms,” and distinguish the act of hand hygiene as “new behavioural norms which benefit the ongoing health of global society,” via creativity.

Creatives can submit their concepts via an open call ahead of a deadline on 29 March. According to Bompas & Parr, “participants are free to choose to design or enhance sanitiser pumps, sprays, wipes, dispense units or even gestures and rituals,” within their submissions.

Entries should be sent to and in a PDF format, also including details and images of proposals, either as drawings or digital renders. All entries are limited to one side of an A3 page.

The entries will then be shortlisted ahead of the IRL or digital Design Museum show, held between 9 April and 7 May.

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