Digital Blacksmiths are crowdfunding to create 100 scientific microscopes from plastic waste

3D Printers from Plastic Waste and E- waste

TechforTrade is a UK- based company. In 2015 it began an initiative, Digital Blacksmiths, a 3D printing initiative. It seeks to alleviate poverty and push for economic development through 3D technology.

As disruptive as 3D innovations, the initiative developed the world’s first low cost open source system for recycling plastic waste (water bottles) for printing as well as built 3D printers from recycled e-waste. How cool is this!? A technological innovation that pushes the conservation agenda is always a yes from us.

The Digital Blacksmiths Network intends to harness the power of digital fabrication. Changing the future of manufacturing in the developing world.

We create products that can inspire other entrepreneurs to create products that impact the community – Selam Zeru, Business Lead at Digital Blacksmiths

Improving Learning Experience

Tools such as microscopes are critical towards impacting the learning experience in schools. However in developing countries like Kenya, microscopes are an unaffordable luxury for schools.

Digital Blacksmiths seek to put to trial their innovations by producing 100 Plastic Scientific Microscopes, designed by Cambridge University as an aid for interactive STEM teaching in Kenya.

If the project is a success, it is believed that it would stimulate interest within the education  system. This will justify scaling up local production of educational and learning aid tools such as microscopes.

Join the Crowdfunding Campaign

This project needs your help!

You can donate but even if you can’t, your voice counts. You can create awareness of this campaign by sharing it with your network. Every little help counts.

Click here: to donate and share the campaign

If interested in working with the Digital Blacksmiths team or finding out more, please email selam.zeru@techfortrade.org

This is a guest post by Digital Blacksmiths , who will be exhibiting at Careers in Design 2018.

If you’d like us to attend your event, contribute or be featured, please contact us and we’ll be excited to share your story.

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